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Directors and Officers

The decisions made by boards of privately held companies as well as Publicly held companies are not protected from lawsuits filed by the shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, competitors or even the government.  In fact, the Directors and Officers can even be held personally liable for the decisions of management.  Whether or not the company has indemnified its Directors and Officers, coverage is needed. Since such suits have become commonplace, now is the time to put coverage in place.

Privately held companies as well as publicly held companies need Directors & Officers insurance.  Any stakeholder in a company, whether they are a shareholder, lender, supplier or other interested party can sue a company and its Officers and Directors personally, whether or not the company has indemnified its Directors and Officers.

Professional Liability

We offer Professional Liability for all professions. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, accountant, real estate broker or any other, we can cover your exposure for your professional risk. We have a variety of markets at our disposal which are geared to your specific profession. In today’s litigious world, someone is always looking to transfer responsibility. We want to help you make sure that it is not you personally. Call the professional staff at Flagstaff Insurance, Inc., to review your needs.

Employment Practice Liability

Litigation is on the rise for employment-related claims in the workforce for discrimination (Age, Race and Sex), wrongful termination and sexual harassment, with no end in sight. Several of our carriers are also now offering coverage for Wage and Hour. Employment Practices Liability can typically be structured to provide protection against claims from a third party for such causes as discrimination and sexual harassment. The Clements Agency can put together a policy to make sure you are protected when a claim arises.


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